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A Room with a View…

Took these photos from my hostel room on Monday evening…
This time no converting to black and white…the magic is in the colours.


Coorg tripping…

Kanna planned a trip for us to Coorg with stay at the Club Mahindra resort in Kodagu valley.
Amazing 3 days…LOADS of FUN!!!!!!!

Won’t write much since a picture is worth a thousand words…I’ll let the photos do the talking.
A few B&W pics for “effect”.
For the full album visit my Picasaweb page.

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Chennai tripping…

Had been to Madras last weekend (extended by the Ugadi holiday). Read an IEEE paper on the way to and fro (woe the life of a PG student).
Those 3 days were heavenly though…Kanna picked me up in his car. Met his amma and paati after a long long time. So much has happened since I last met them.
Early Saturday morning we went to Besant Nagar beach…and I realized again how much I love the sea.
My first view of the Bay of Bengal. Lots of coffee(the best I have ever had…so much for coffee board). Quite a bit of food as Prasanna’s family joined in the crusade to increase my weight.
A performance by Kanna’s Sir …heavenly.
2 by prasanna himself…excellent but marred by extrinsic events both.
Photos of the sea:
The first 2 I converted from color to grayscale for what I felt was “effect”.

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This Wednesday i got my laptop.
Dell Inspiron 640m.
Intel Centrino Duo processor 1.6GHz
DVD writer.
Win XP and Fedora Core 6 installed on it.

It rocks!!