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The Dark Side of the Moon

NO…this is not another depressing post…in a way it is but not really.
This will depress every Bangalorean, my well-wisher or not.

The roads in Bangalore are a mess…its more like a little bit of road to sort of bridge the potholes.
Most roads are also not very well lit.
A rickshaw ride through these roads is not essentially different from a ride on a moon-buggy.
Bone-jarring, intestine-injuring rides.
Then something happened yesterday that shook me in my entirety…more on it here.

The papers screamed that a crane, in trying to avoid a pothole, ended up killing a woman.
Scary!! Very scary.

Maybe the potholes will be filled…maybe we have to wait for a new government for it.

But till then if you are coming to Bangalore (the IT capital of the country…IT = irritating Traffic)

Welcome to the Dark Side of the Moon.



I am in a lab in IISc. The bitter truths about life alone are hitting home. Have to take care of so many things you usually take for granted.I only have a temporary I card and no login ID. So cannot surf on my own account.
The campus is beautiful …the staff is fairly good natured. They were still smiling at us even 12 hrs into their registration duties. There seems to be a lot of space and resources are almost overflowing.
Might not post for a while as I get used to the way things work around here.