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To the One and Only …

Mad at each other – sometimes

Mad like each other – almost always

Mad(e) for each other – absolutely!


To the One and Only Zero ;)

Kothe utte baihke
Aankhiyaan milaunde
Na jaana main tu kabhi chod
Tere utte marda
Pyaar tenu karda
Milega tujhe na koi aur

Tu bhi aa…sabko chod ke

– Pani da rang, Vicky Donor

(on the roof) our eyes meet,
I don’t want to leave you ever..
I fell for you, I love you,
You’ll not find anyone else either

You come too, leaving everyone else.


Yours, One.

Reply to Robert Frost…

Yes, there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run
There’s still time to change the road you’re on.

– “Stairway to Heaven”, Led Zeppelin

That time of the year…

when you file your taxes and realize you sponsored a part of a babu’s Europe trip to beat Delhi’s summer, while you suffered mid-summer, mid-day power cuts.

#FML in India 🙂

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Holstee Manifesto

Saw this on Brain Pickings

Really nice manifesto. I don’t agree with all of what it says.

Holstee Manifesto


Truly liked this:

‘If you are looking for love, stop; they will be waiting for you when you start doing the things you love’.

The poster can be bought from: Holstee Manifesto Shop

Back to blogging

The blog has had an unwanted hiatus. Between the last post and this one, I have started working full-time and have got married.

Neither one is the real reason for the hiatus…it is more because of lack of enthu to write. Have had a couple of topics in the back of my mind to write about. Maybe I will get down to writing about them.

Hope to get back to writing again.

Shamed in Singapore

Had been to Singapore last week, roaming the city under the pretext of attending a conference (which I did attend). It is a beautiful city and I will write more about it in later.

This experience was when I took the taxi from my hotel to go to the airport to catch my flight back. The public transport system in Singapore rocks! and the taxis have electronic meters which make it impossible to overcharge (which anyway no one seems to do). The taxi driver was in a talkative mood and told me that he was in the Merchant Navy and had been to Mumbai quite a few times about 10 years ago.

Then, before I (a proud Mumbaikar) could talk more about the city I love and call home, he told me how taxi drivers in the city had grossly overcharged him. Apparently, he had gone into CST to take a look at the trains and was caught by a TC in hiding. Instead of fining him for entering ticketless, the man made him pay a bribe. I had nothing to say to that and could just apologize for the behaviour of my countrymen and tried to assure him that not everyone here is so insincere.

I wonder why we do this- and bring the name of our country into shame.

The Musical Chairs of Investing

Found this while reading an article on Seeking Alpha:

“Investing is rather like the children’s game of ‘Musical Chairs.’ We must dance while the music is playing, knowing full well that when the music stops we shall all be dashing for the few chairs that are there to be taken and we shall fight for them when that time comes, but while the music plays…while the flute is up to the musician’s lips; while the bow is being pulled across the violin… dance we must, or sit out the game on the sidelines.”

– Dennis Gartman

Investing, it seems to me, and many before me have said so, is more about patience than balance sheets or Fibonacci ratios.

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I knew then, as I know now…

A year ago, my throat sore with a horrible infection, my head spinning and stomach hurting from all the coughing, I said “I know”. How wrong I was!! I didn’t know anything, how my life would change, the experiences of the last year (happy and sad), decisions made and unmade and remade…the disappointments and the exultation of achievement, one thing has remained unchanged…in fact grown stronger.
My answer though, remains “I know”.
And that I belonged to a stage in human evolution thats a step or two behind the rest of the world 😛 (this is what you call an ‘inside’ joke being made public).

I wonder why…

Went to the library at IIMA today…to borrow books from which I need to revise for placements.
The only thing that is on anyone’s mind these days…placements. maybe next week the short quizzes might take our minds off it once in a while.
Browsed books on probability and time series analysis…borrowed a couple of books.
Wondered what I was doing here…I loved these things so much. Reminded myself that this was what I wanted to do and that finance was probably my best chance of actually working on these things.
Blogging more frequently these days…maybe more on the current affairs soon.