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The Matrix (Inverted)

Agent Smith: Why, Mr. Anderson? Why do you continue to live here? Why put up with bad infrastructure? Why be cheated left right and center by everyone in this country of thieves? Is it memories and attachments? Love, perhaps? Patriotism? Only a human mind could come up with something as insipid as patriotism! You must be able to see. They don’t want you here. Then why do you continue?

Neo : Because I have no choice.


Apostrophe catastrophe

India, apparently, has a lot of people who are good at English. Anyone who has seen recent use of English in general would do well to take exception to this. So many times these days I see an apostrophe used in the wrong place.

For those who have forgotten their grammar, an apostrophe is used to signify belonging and in some cases (preferably avoided) a shortening of two words into one. There are so many signboards, across India (I have seen them in Mumbai, Bangalore, Ahmedabad and Delhi), where the apostrophe is used in a plural. “Coconut’s” means belonging to the coconut (make sure spelling is right; a board in Ahmedabad got it horribly wrong) and not a number of them.

Most of these people are convent-educated, graduates. Even aspirants of MS programmes in the US have been known to make such errors, as well as MBAs (and not MBA’s) from some of India’s (note correct usage) premier institutes. I hope the situation improves, for everytime I see such errors I feel it is an apostrophe apocalypse.

Anyone publishing anything in the newspaper (including reporters-some are incapable of stringing an entire sentence in English) or making a board should please be careful.

P.S: Let me know what you think of this article. Also, anyone pointing errors in this article will be duly mentioned alongside the correction.

UPDATE:  An Oatmeal link that explains it clearly (Thanks to Shivani Rege)

Delhi Times – and a topic for research

Was in Delhi for two days for my induction. A nice bunch of people, a fun party in the latest night club in Delhi. I had a rocking time.

Also, found my next topic of research, and one that will surely lead to my first (of many Nature papers)- “The degeneration of dancing style as a function of alcohol ingestion in Indian people”. What I noted was amazing – makes me want to read more about human psychology. My twitter feed says – “Wish Hannibal Lecter was here to analyze what is going on in the minds of these people dancing.”


I was tempted to delete my Orkut profile today, I already have a Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn account. This was my (and almost everyone’s)  first social networking experience. I thought of deleting it since I don’t use it at all anymore…but then Chetana has written such a beautiful testimonial and so has Kanna.

So the Orkut profile will stay.

Important Question!!

“The world isn’t fair, Calvin.”

“I know Dad, but why isn’t it ever unfair in my favour?”

1 billion for 1 billion

Samrat made a presentation on the World Food Programme in the Managerial Communications class and it was impressive.

I would like to think they are doing good work, work that actually makes a difference.

I have a link on the sidebar where sponsors give money if you perform some activities.

I’d much rather feed real people than digital ones on Farmville.

Also, check out World Food Programme.

The Musical Chairs of Investing

Found this while reading an article on Seeking Alpha:

“Investing is rather like the children’s game of ‘Musical Chairs.’ We must dance while the music is playing, knowing full well that when the music stops we shall all be dashing for the few chairs that are there to be taken and we shall fight for them when that time comes, but while the music plays…while the flute is up to the musician’s lips; while the bow is being pulled across the violin… dance we must, or sit out the game on the sidelines.”

– Dennis Gartman

Investing, it seems to me, and many before me have said so, is more about patience than balance sheets or Fibonacci ratios.

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This blog needs a revival.
Tuchchadom promises some more time but I have so many things to do outside the class that it might seem as busy as fachchadom itself.
Then again, there’s hope.

V-day for some, D-day for others.

February 14th, Valentines’ Day- the day of reckoning for lovers around the world.
February 14th, IIMA interviews began- day of reckoning for some.

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Everytime that I look in the mirror
All these lines on my face gettin clearer
The past is gone
It went by like dust to dawn
Isnt that the way
Everybodys got their dues in life to pay

I know what nobody knows
Where it comes and where it goes
I know its everybodys sin
You got to lose to know how to win

Half my life is in books written pages
Live and learn from fools and from sages
You know its true
All the things come back to you