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A thought…

The firms, in general, that are making money are the ones that hire humans to make computers capable of decision making. The ones that are in trouble are the ones that have computers enable a human to wheel and deal on the phone.

I know about Knight Capital but this seems to be the general trend in the markets.

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The world (of sport) this week

The World Cup continues to garner the headlines and for once the front sports page news is not cricket.

India won the Asia Cup after 15 years and it was a clinical display. All the batsmen contributed to a very decent total (though the acceleration was missing in the Power Play). The bowlers bowled superbly and Dhoni led them all well. The highlight for me was Harbhajan pummeling the ball over mid-wicket and letting out a war cry. So much for Miandad’s last ball six. India seem to be showing better nerves these days.

Wimbledon saw the amazing Isler-Mahut match that went on for 11 hours over 3 days. 70-68 in the final set!! How the hell is Isler even expected to play for the rest of the week? I think he should be given a bye into the fourth round. To win a “normal” match you need to win around 30-35 games. This man won twice that in just the fifth set. Federer looks like he is fallible having to come back from matchpoint to win his first round match. ESPN Star Sports prefer showing us boring football matches with no relevance to such important things as Federer struggling to hold serve in Wimbledon.

Now to the World Cup. The finalists of the last World Cup have both been dumped out of the competition- both led by coaches who let their egos come in the way of taking the best possible team to the world cup. France left Benzema and Nasri at home while Italy left an entire second (and to my mind BETTER) team behind. I worry about Brazil, but they seem to know how to play with this team (though Pato would have been a good addition).

France haven’t learned to play without Zidane and Italy thought that some of the players that won them the Cup 4 years ago will win it for them again. With ZiZou out of the team, I could dislike the French all I wanted- and it was satisfying to see that Thierry Henry could not “hand” them another victory.

1 billion for 1 billion

Samrat made a presentation on the World Food Programme in the Managerial Communications class and it was impressive.

I would like to think they are doing good work, work that actually makes a difference.

I have a link on the sidebar where sponsors give money if you perform some activities.

I’d much rather feed real people than digital ones on Farmville.

Also, check out World Food Programme.