Shamed in Singapore

Had been to Singapore last week, roaming the city under the pretext of attending a conference (which I did attend). It is a beautiful city and I will write more about it in later.

This experience was when I took the taxi from my hotel to go to the airport to catch my flight back. The public transport system in Singapore rocks! and the taxis have electronic meters which make it impossible to overcharge (which anyway no one seems to do). The taxi driver was in a talkative mood and told me that he was in the Merchant Navy and had been to Mumbai quite a few times about 10 years ago.

Then, before I (a proud Mumbaikar) could talk more about the city I love and call home, he told me how taxi drivers in the city had grossly overcharged him. Apparently, he had gone into CST to take a look at the trains and was caught by a TC in hiding. Instead of fining him for entering ticketless, the man made him pay a bribe. I had nothing to say to that and could just apologize for the behaviour of my countrymen and tried to assure him that not everyone here is so insincere.

I wonder why we do this- and bring the name of our country into shame.


5 thoughts on “Shamed in Singapore

  1. chetana says:

    how true 😦

  2. Achal says:

    lol, people in Singapore don’t do it because of the strict rules and their enforcement. Put the same people in India, they wont be any different! India is a poor country, money is more important than honesty.

  3. sasa says:

    where are you curently working? pls update ur linked-in. I am one of your long time admirer.

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