Ads in the IPL

While the world goes on and on about @lalitkmodi and @tharoor.shashi, another disturbing thing has emerged in IPL 3.0- Disgusting advertisements!

The Voltas AC ads, with the most irritating jingles, have made the mute button on the remote control the most important. How do you expect anyone to buy your product and use it for days or months when they can’t stand your ad for 30 seconds. Where are all the creative people going these days- accounting firms?

The Vodafone ‘zoozoo’ ads- they were fun last year, they have become irritating this year. And what is with the negativity- ‘someone being eaten by a carnivorous flower’ cannot convince me to order flowers on my cell phone.

The Havells ad, with the executioner, is disturbing and disgusting. I don’t need to see a man being executed 20 times a day. And how is doing your job- that of an executioner- ‘paap’?

The MRF blimp, and the praise for MRF 4 times in an innings, gets on my nerves everytime.

Some bright spots are there though- a couple of the zoozoo ads are nice, and the way Sehwag and Gambhir struggle for the phone is funny too.

Most irritating though is the placement of ads- not just at the end of the over, but even in the middle of it. I would rather watch a bowler walk back to his mark than one of these irritating ads…if it were not for more often than not irritating commentary.


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