My plight for the last 10 days reminds me of the comment that got our US envoy into trouble:
“Running around like a headless chicken”.
Haven’t had much good rest all these days as I stare at the daunting task of surviving PGP-1 at IIMA.
Finishing the report…getting it printed…getting the relieving memo.
the vaccinations and hurried meeting nearest-and-dearest ones.
Being scared and tired and hurting to leave the place I have known as Home
and the place that was getting there…finally I had begun to be at home in IISc.
Next post…probably CC at IIMA.


One thought on “KFC…

  1. Bastet says:

    true, the last few days were a mad mad rush, not giving you sufficient time to even say proper goodbyes.. maybe that was good in a way…

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