The Eternal Truth

Hundreds of years before Billy Shakespeare wrote :
” To B or not to B”:
the Great Aristotle uttered the greatest truth in the world:
“A is A”.

And Ahmedabad is 53 meters (171 ft) above C level.

Converted the IIM A waitlist to confirmed admit.


4 thoughts on “The Eternal Truth

  1. zaosh says:

    hey dudecongratsonce again, i bow 2 THEEGURU jeeheheheheheeh

  2. Bastet says:

    wAy to go 🙂

  3. ~Amod~ says:

    Congrats for A! I remember you from my IIMC GD/PI Mentorship group. I am joining K.

  4. sauru says:

    Congrats Nissim……Great going!!!…Best of luck for ur Future.—Saurabh Pitkar(ur junior from KJSCE)

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