PI is not equal to 3.1415926535….

Your head is spinning,
your heart is beating so hard it makes your head rock,
the guy who went in to your panel first comes out disoriented,
they ask radioactivity and SIDBI and flipflops and the migration of Jews to India and
poetry and Fundamental rights,
you take deep breaths and curse yourself for not revising these things,
you remind yourself that this is not Life and Death,
… but then what the hell ,
And the cycle begins again.


2 thoughts on “PI is not equal to 3.1415926535….

  1. Bastet says:

    hmm… well, it may be an IIM Interview.. but is still, not life and death. Important? Yes. Very important? Yes. But, not worth dying or killing for. Remind yourself this each time your heart plays Shivamani within you.

  2. nissim says:

    Its not that I bring this upon myself…it happens.I try and prevent it but the Sivamani concert inevitably occurs.

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