Home,home again…

“Let’s go home” he said and she was confused. What would she tell all those people she was responsible to. “Lets go home” he told her again…and she agreed. Together they flew to the place he called home. It was the best time he had had on a flight…and he had taken many.

They roamed the streets, unaware of anything else, blissfully lost in the experience of being with each other.He showed her around though she had seen it all. He was never so proud of the place he belonged to as when he was showing it to her. He saw the smile on her face, that innocent, beautiful smile which showed how much she loved him and was loving being with him.

His home had never seemed so beautiful to him as when he saw her eyes being laid on it.
He was reminded of the beautiful last line of a long forgotten poem.
“… where your heart finds peace, call it home.”


4 thoughts on “Home,home again…

  1. Bastet says:


  2. Tallur says:

    Well written!

  3. Subhash says:

    nice article..superb ending

  4. nissim says:

    @ Bastet && Sid && SubhashThanks a lot.

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