Flight report

The flight report read:

35000 feet in the air,
830 km per hour,
An hour long walk in the clouds,
Missed you like hell,
Wished you were with me.


7 thoughts on “Flight report

  1. Bastet says:

    The fountains mingle with the riverAnd the rivers with the Ocean,The winds of Heaven mix for everWith a sweet emotion;Nothing in the world is single;All things by a law divineIn one spirit meet and mingle.Why not I with thine? — – P. B. Shelley [Love’s philosophy]

  2. zaosh says:

    hey GURUwhom u missing man? 😉 😉koi ladkee? koi dost? koi shehar? koi gaav? what? mein aapse sehmat hoon! akhir sabke LIFE mein ek time aata hain when u feel disconnected.far away..apart…weird..left out!and thats when u began 2 miss some1 or something! something u left behindhope whatever ure MISSING misses u 2😉 😉 hahahaah

  3. nissim says:

    No comments.

  4. ajit says:

    I guess your fav quote “Brevity is the wit of soul” is something you still stick to 🙂So where were you flying exactly?

  5. nissim says:

    U mean “Brevity is the soul of wit” I guess.I was flying from Bangalore to Bombay and back.

  6. ajit says:

    oops…you are right.

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